New Reno Blog

From Yukon Sully comes word of another Reno blog that started last month, Reno and it’s Discontents. It looks like it’s going to be a communal blog, with multiple authors, and a mix of local and national politics and opinions. Definitely one to keep an eye on!

One unfortunate thing about the site is the link on their blogroll to Salon’s Broadsheet, which Miss Alli deftly ripped apart a couple of months ago. But there’s no accounting for taste; I’ll let them slide on that one.


  1. Thanks for the mention, I love I ran into your condo feature a few months back. I’ve gotta object to The Broadsheet characterization though. It’s developed into a great resource for feminist news and events worldwide–its a little tongue-in-cheek though which isnt for everyone (Pink ladies all around!).

    Anyway, thanks for letting us slide on that one(!) I look forward to more mutual exchanges.

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