Around Carson Dining Guide

Another new addition today, the Around Carson Dining Guide. It’s pitifully small right now (three restaurants), but that will soon change as I run around town grabbing photos and take-out menus from all of Carson’s restaurants. This page is going to be an exhaustive guide to the restaurants of Carson City, as well as Minden and Gardnerville. Complete with photos, take-out menus, phone numbers, and reader reviews. I’m looking to make one resource that will blow away the yellow pages, newspaper dining guides, and other such lists, most of which are limited because they charge for inclusion. Ideally, this will end up listing every restaurant, big or small. Realistically, I know it’s going to take a while to reach that point, but I can at least start out with some of the places I frequent.

And this will probably be the last update for a week around here, since I’m going out of town. I’ll be back next Friday, and I’m hoping to see some pictures and forum posts when I return!

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