It's A Go For Jethro

Max Baer Jr’s fight to get his Beverly Hillbillies casino approved in Douglas County hasn’t been much of a fight at all. After his plan was mostly approved by the Douglas Planning Commission last month, he had to go up against the County Commission this week for final approval. And, he got final approval, including approval for the two hotel towers that the Planning Commission had said no to.

So it looks like this time Jethro’s casino is actually going to get built. Or, at least, all his excuses have been taken away from him this time, so if the project falls through for a third time, he’ll have no one else to blame. So now it’s time to see if Jethro can actually do it, and actually get the thing built.


  1. Hi Scott,
    I think Jethro Baer has had four shots now at a casino, including two shots in Reno…Gossip says he will need plenty of OPM to get this thing built…(OPM=Other People’s Money)

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