Ormsby House Renovation Photos – December, 2004

December rolled in with a little bit of snow and cold, just enough to slow down exterior work on the Ormsby House. And even though the snow melted, the cold stuck around. That leads to a small update this month, since they weren’t doing a lot, and what they were doing progressed very slowly. Of course, maybe it’s just inherently slow work. Let’s jump in and see what they did do.

Here in the front they continued adding more layers to the walls. Now they’ve got a grey layer going over the white. One of these times they’re going to put a final layer on, I just know it!

From the distance you can see the grey first floor, the white second floor, and just a hint of grey again at the roofline.

While they were adding the layers, they also decided to throw on a couple more architectural features. Here some nice detail work shows up on the corners.

They’re putting it on this front corner too.

And on these corners. These little details are going to go a long way towards making this into a really great-looking building.

At the end of the month we got another blanket of snow, as if to serve as a bookend to the whole of December.

And that will do it for the year 2004. The Ormsby House sure has come a long way this year; just look back at January’s update to see how far. Now we’re entering 2005: The Year The Ormsby House Opens; And We Really Mean It This Time™. Will they make it? I’m betting they will. Stay tuned and find out.

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