Demolition Saturday

I drove by today and saw them demolishing the old house at the corner of Fifth and Curry, behind the Ormsby House.

This house has been abandoned for a long time, but looked sound enough that it could have been renovated. Not worth it, I guess. Now I wonder if they’re building something new, or if the lot will just stay empty for a while?

Update!: Courtesy of Google Street View, here’s a before picture of the house. I looked through my archives but I couldn’t find one. All that time photographing the Ormsby House, and I never once swung my camera around the other way.


  1. I used to hang out with the folks living in the house to the south. It was trashed in the Seventies. Surprised it lasted as long as it did.

  2. The General and Mrs. Custer walked up to this house about 1995 to check it looked abandoned…An old bag came out from the house to the left, and asked in a rude and condescnding tone, “May I help You?”..We asked if the house was for sale, and she screeched “NO”..That is exactly the wrong type of attitude..What was laughable is the house next door had a real estate broker’s sign in front..The old bag must not have learned everything is for sale..She should have said, “what is your best offer”?

    • I have it on good authority Rosa May, the prostitute depicted in George Williams III book, lived in that house at some point. Behind the trashing there was probably a gem of a house that could have been moved to another location and become part of Carson City’s legends.

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