Third Street Plaza Construction

2016-07-17 015

The Bob McFadden Plaza is set to open in 2 weeks, so it’s good to see them making quick progress on it. This project has permanently closed Third Street between Carson and Curry to convert it into a public plaza, and it includes a dedicated stage for the Friday night concerts they usually have here during the summer.

2016-07-17 011

2016-07-17 002

Another feature is the splash pad, seen here in the shadow of the St Charles Hotel. A splash pad is basically a water fountain that kids (and adults) can run and play in, which becomes just another part of the sidewalk when the water is turned off.

2016-07-17 005

2016-07-17 007

2016-07-17 008

Most of the curbs and planters are finished. A low wall, matching the landscaping walls they are putting along Carson Street, separates the Firkin and Fox outdoor patio from the rest of the plaza.

2016-07-17 012

2016-07-17 004

The sidewalks have already been poured along the buildings on the north side of the plaza. Visitors to these businesses, including Mom and Pops and Bella Fiore, have had to dodge construction walls for months now.

2016-07-17 010

It looks like the shops here are getting a facelift as well. New decorative rock is slated to go in on the walls.

2016-07-17 016

One tree was saved, it looks like. The others along here didn’t make it. But lots of new trees are going into the new planters.

2016-07-17 018

The concrete for the stage is all done but now they have to go vertical.

2016-07-17 019

The new Firkin and Fox patio was one of the first parts of the project finished, so that the restaurant could get back to normal operation quickly.

2016-07-17 020

2016-07-17 022

The way I understand how splash pads work, the water jets are supposed to be flat on the sidewalk. I’m hoping these pipes are just sticking up because it’s unfinished and things will be different when it’s all done.

2016-07-17 023

The concrete in front of the stage has been poured. They have quite a bit more to pour over the next 2 weeks!

They are making quick progress here. The next 2 pictures are from exactly one week ago, and show how much concrete work has been done in 7 days. The pressure is on now! There’s a grand opening concert scheduled for July 30th. Looks like they’re on track to be done by then if they keep up this pace.

2016-07-10 113

2016-07-10 122

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