Casino Fandango Construction

Whenever the blog seems to be slowing down, I know I can just drive by the Casino Fandango and take some pictures for a quick story.

The framing on the hotel is all finished, so now they’ve put up scaffolding and are moving onto things like installing windows and layering stucco on the exterior. The roof shingles are being put up as well. Winter is going to be here in just a couple of months, and I’m sure they’d love to have all the exterior work on this future Marriott done by then.

The casino expansion at the southwest corner of the building is going up very fast, faster even than the hotel. Up until now all the casino expansions they’ve done have just been expanding into existing space in the old Supply One building. The Fandango started out as a small casino space in the very front of an empty warehouse, and over the course of a few years they slowly filled up the whole building. Now they’re expanding outside with this new addition.

This new expansion will also house the escalators and elevators that will take pedestrians up and over Curry Street to get them to the new Galaxy movie theater in safety. That’s what this huge vertical part of the new building is for. They’re making short work here of getting the wallboard put up and stuccoed.

The new bridge is also shrouded in scaffolding right now, with just one small tunnel allowed for traffic in each direction. All those barricades are temporary, though. As soon as exterior work on the bridge is done, the scaffolding will come down and Curry Street will be completely open underneath.

Notice that the construction company at work here is Metcalf Builders, the same crew that ostensibly is supposed to be working on the Ormsby House. It must be a relief to them to have a project they can actually work at full speed on for a change.

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