Waterfall Fire Anniversary

Today is the one-year anniversary of the Waterfall Fire of 2004. That was the wildfire that threatened Carson City for nearly a week, ultimately burning 18 houses and over 8,000 acres of brush and forest.

I drove up Kings Canyon today taking pictures of how the area is springing back to life, and hopefully before too long I can put together a “Then and Now” photo gallery showing how everything looked during and after the fire, and compare it to how it all looks one year later. Until then, you can go over and look at the Nevada Appeal’s coverage of the anniversary.

Waterfall Fire: A look back
Waterfall fire’s legacy not entirely negative
Be prepared: Evacuation checklist can be found inside phone book
How hills are faring after a year
The toll: 18 families lost their homes in the first two days of the fire
The fire came close: One family’s tales from the edge of destruction
Waterfall firefighters remembered and thanked with community college fountain
A community remembers loss
Life goes on – rebuilds pending for most fire families
Once the tears are gone, some families find liberation
Waterfall Timeline
Waterfall statistics
For one Timberline man, it’s too late to rebuild
Blaze shows firefighters they’re only human
Waterfall fire rehabilitation efforts continue

Update, 7/19/05: The photo gallery has been posted. You can find it at The Waterfall Fire: One Year Later.

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