Douglas Times Cancelled

Dullard Mush reports that the Reno Gazette Journal is going through a round of layoffs and downsizing. The big impact for us down south here is that the RGJ will be ceasing publication of their Douglas Times paper. The Douglas Times was a free weekly that the RGJ started a year ago or so, after finding success with the similar Carson Times. Both of these papers are published every Friday and can be had for free in locations all over their respective towns. Both are mostly repackaging of the Carson- and Douglas-specific local content they are already creating. This announcement doesn’t say if it means they’ll be cutting down on their Douglas County coverage, or if it’s just a cost-saving measure to not have to print the Douglas Times every week. They’re also shutting down a printing plant in Carson City, but as far as I can tell the Carson Times isn’t going anywhere.

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