Big Screen TV – Really Big

The advantage of having digital projectors in your movie theater, like the new Galaxy Theater at the Fandango does, is that you’re not limited to showing movies. You can show anything on the big screen that can be hooked up to the projector, like, say, a TV broadcast. Unfortunately, the Galaxy is wasting this technology by using it to show football, but there are plenty of other uses for it. Imagine them screening the Oscars in one of their auditoriums, or something like a M.A.S.H.-level TV show finale.

And it doesn’t even have to be TV. They could easily screen the work of local filmmakers in there. Many independent films are shot and edited digitally these days, but the final step of putting it to film can be cost prohibitive. With a digital cinema, the movie can be fed directly into the projector, eliminating all that expense. The Galaxy could put on a film festival comprised entirely of films from Carson area directors, or run the work of high school film students up on the big screen. Once you’ve gone digital it opens up so many opportunities for you, and this Monday Night Football screening shows that the Galaxy is willing to step at least a little bit out of the box. Now let’s see how much further they’re willing to go.

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