Million Dollar House

I never expected to see a million-dollar house in my own neighborhood. I guess it’s no surprise given how crazy real estate prices have been around here lately. But still, looking at that house, it’s not what you think of when you think of a million-dollar house. It does have five bedrooms and 4,400 square feet, but look at it.

There’s nothing different about it from the other hundreds of houses in the same neighborhood. What makes it so special? Maybe it’s the fact that it’s up the hill and has this as the view out the back door:

But even with that, even with the RV garage, even with the mother-in-law apartment, I still have to ask: a million dollars? Is it really worth that, or is their real estate agent just getting a little ahead of himself?

And the price has just been reduced, a sure sign that it’s a little bit overpriced. I wonder what the price was before they reduced it?

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