It Is Safe To Come To Lake Tahoe

It’s pretty sad that the national media has cocked up the Angora Fire story so badly that people are now afraid to come to Lake Tahoe, and are canceling the Fourth of July reservations they had made. Fox News in particular, I guess, is spreading the word that the whole Tahoe Basin is in flames, and the hotels are at risk, and the multi-million-dollar mansions in Incline Village have fire licking at their doorstops. It’s gotten so bad that Arnold Schwarenegger has had to come out and do public relations for the Lake, even going so far as straight-out saying “Right now it is safe to come to Lake Tahoe.” Direct quote. “Safe.”

So, if you feel like being safe next week, make sure to head up to Tahoe for the Fourth of July. The beaches do get kind of crowded, but if you get there early in the morning you can stake out a good spot. And the fireworks up there are some of the best you’ll find in the area. I won’t be there, because I’ll be chewing on ice and recovering from my tonsil surgery. But all of you go and have fun.

And be safe! The governator said so!


  1. My husband and I were going to go to Vegas for a few days and have decided to come to So. Tahoe instead. We live outside Yosemite and know what natural disasters can do to a small town’s economy so we will be coming to spend some money around town and have a good time. I am collecting donations from our local businesses to bring. Surely there is somewhere we can drop off donated items. Any info will be appreciated. Hang tough everyone, it WILL get better. Our hearts are with you.

  2. Fantastic! Thanks for the info. Today I picked up a couple thousand dollars of donated goods and will be adding more to it before we head your way.

  3. When you start seeing alot of Yosemite t-shirts with goofy mooses or bears on them, you will know they came from Oakhurst! I took about 50 of them from my gift shop to bring.

  4. After spending several days gathering donations and spending about $400.00 of my own money and driving the 5 hours one way to Tahoe, no one would take our donations. We were told the area had already received more than what was needed and we were turned away from everywhere we called or stopped at. So we dropped off the 100 lbs of dog food we had at the SPCA and left town after a couple of days. The donations were given to a Hopsice in Placerville that we found on the way down the hill. I’m glad so many people are helping out, but I wish I had known that donations were not needed. We would have still come, but donated a check instead of spending days asking Oakhurst merchants for help.

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