Bringing Down the Firehouse, Continued

On Monday morning they picked up right where they left off. The claw-handed excavators roared to life, and the work crews continued their task of demolishing Fire Station #1 at the corner of Musser and Curry. I’m not sure what their rationale was in starting the job on Friday only to take the whole weekend off, but it did give residents a full two days to gawk at the half-destroyed building. But you can’t leave it like that, so they spent another full day reducing the structure to a jagged mess and hauling it away. I finally made a visit to the site after sunset, when the crews had already gone home. It looks like they only have one more day of work left. By sunset Tuesday, the building will be completely knocked down. Then all they’ll have left is a pile of rubble that might take another day or two to get rid of. And then? An empty hole in the sky and a few dozen parking spaces.

You can see some of the pictures I took on Monday. I’ve added them to the fire station’s page in the Buildings Database. Come back again tomorrow for even more pictures!

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