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I found a couple of links to sites about the Virginia & Truckee Railroad:

carsoncarshops.com is mostly devoted to replicating the V&T Railroad within the Trainz Railroad Simulator computer game. But they do have a section on their site called the “Ghosts of the V & T“, with photos showing where the remnants of the V&T still are in the Carson area.

vtlyon.org is home to an effort to build a real-life, full-size replica of the first V&T Engine, #1 Lyon. The Lyon was built in 1869 and was the first locomotive to run on the V&T. It was a small engine, and in just a few years it was relegated to yard duty. In 1879, after just 10 years, it was taken out of service and put into storage. And while some railroads will keep their first engine around as a keepsake (Central Pacific #1 is the centerpiece of the California State Railroad Museum, for example), V&T #1 was allowed to rust and was cut up for scrap sometime before the turn of the 1900s. Now a group from the Midwest is trying to build a replica of the Lyon, from scratch. They seem to be making good progress, looking at their site.

Also, virginiaandtruckee.com, which is a bottomless fount of V&T information that I’m going to br cribbing from a lot as I fill out the V&T section on Carsonpedia.

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  1. I understand the people who like trains and want trains. It’s great that people want to have an interest in something. What I find sad is that the same people would not, or seem to put aside the issues facing us each day. When may you and your family be sitting and eating at a CC restaurant and have a gang member jump the counter at dinner time to stab a person they believe to be a rival gang member? You are eating!
    I certainly would not want to see that happen in front of me. Kind of a dinner buster right there don’t you think? I get that whole thing about wanting our youth back through a past pleasure like a train. I also agree with someone who stated that this board of supervisors seem to place their importance in the wrong direction. Place the money into our safety first. Toy’s later.

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