Jethro's Back

Max Baer Jr. can never stay out of the news for long. He finally got every approval he needs to build his Beverly Hillbillies Casino in Douglas County, across the street from Carson Valley Plaza. But now he’s looking at a place in Sparks to build the casino instead. I really think he keeps doing all this just because he likes to see his name in the paper, and he never has any intention to build anything. Either that or he’s the unluckiest guy around to keep running into 15 years worth of problems on this project.

See also News Carson City’s take on this story.


  1. He doesn’t want to run or own a hotel or a casino. What he wants, is a 200 foot high replica oil derrick that shoots fire out the top on a regular schedule, preferrably as frequently as possible. That’s my take on it. It’s not about seeing his name in the paper, it’s about this being America darnit, and free men with access to sufficient capital should be able to put up 200 foot tall flaming signs.

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