Downtowner Motor Inn To Be Sold

There was an article in Tuesday’s paper (not available online) that outlines the latest developments in the saga of the Downtowner Motor Inn. James DiMartino, who bought the motel at auction February 10, finally was able to take ownership of the place after getting a court to evict the previous owner, Ralph Ahmad. Under Ahmad’s ownership recently both electric service and trash pickup had been discontinued due to the failure to pay bills. The motel was also closed from 2005 to 2007 while asbestos and mold abatement was carried out, but apparently not much renovation went on during that time. The new owner says the place is in a shambles and needs new carpeting, new furniture, and new heating and AC.

The biggest news in the story is that now that the new owner has taken over, he’s served an eviction notice to all the residents. The people living in the motel, pretty much all of which live there long-term, need to be out by April 18th. After that the motel will be closed, remodeled, and sold again. What happens after that is still to be seen. Who will buy it? What will they do? Will it reopen as long-term residences? Will it be torn down? Will it be fixed up and marketed to tourists? I guess we’ll have to wait and see.

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