Scolari's Becomes Sak 'n Save; Befuddled Town Scratches Its Head

The Scolari’s in Carson City is changing its name to Sak ‘n Save. Although apparently this doesn’t mean it has new owners; the same owners control both Scolari’s and the Sak ‘n Save stores in Reno, and they’re just rebranding the store in Carson for some mysterious reason.

I think it’s a bad move. A store’s name is a big part of its image, and changing the name can change the way people think about it, even if nothing else about the store changes. Ideally you’d go for a better name when you’re making a change, but this is the second supermarket in the last year to go for a worse name. First it was Albertson’s, a perfectly respectable name, changing to Save Mart. Ugggh. It was horrible when they first made the change, and it’s still horrible all these months later. But not nearly so horrible as Sak ‘n Save, which is an awful awful awful name. It reminds me of the Pic ‘N Saves that we used to have in Southern California; cramped, dirty little stores with crappy merchandise that nobody wanted to buy. Sak ‘n Save conjures up the same sorts of images, and even if nothing else about the store changes now it’s going to be saddled with a terrible name, making it seem like a second-class store.

Of course, the grizzled old timers in the room will remember the first time that store changed names, and will still think of Scolari’s as the newcomer. When I was a kid that place was known as the Warehouse Market, even though it’s been probably 20 years since it was called that.


  1. Your little article on Sak-n-Save I find quit offensive! I know Joey and Jerry Scolari personally and have the mind to tell them about this B.S. that you wrote and have their lawyers contact you.
    They take alot of pride in their stores and they are ALL VERY CLEAN!
    Have you even been in the store? By the way that this article sounds I highly doubt it!

    • I would bet that your feurdj is about as clean as the floor in a Scolari’s store–and I would eat off of neither, “lady.” You are about an arrogant dumb bitch who thinks she’s special because she knows two fleas who inherited an “empire” that they had not the capacity to control nor the intelligence to hire anyone else to control it for them. These two nitwits have tried for at least a decade to sell off the company to Raley’s or Alberson’s, but they refuse to give up the slot concession. I am sure one of the reasons is that the slots pay for their membership in the “Pioneer’s Club,” which is a Reno version of the Hellfire Club of yore. Jerry on his pussy little garbagewagon harley, raising hell in east Sparks chasing down mexican whores behind the Dollar Theater after hours. I saw Jerry at the Spic Flicks many times–he’s too cheap to to to a regular movie show, unless it involves a crank projector and super 8 loop film. I bet you know Marshall Crenshaw intimately, and you consider his “gifts” to you to be “pets.” Pull out another bottle of vodka from behind your couch, Wendy, and fantasize about the time you got off with the whole brood. You make me sick.

      Derrick Rasmussen

  2. I agree. Why change the name? It makes you wonder if that is the only change. Personnel? Quality? What demographic are they trying to reach? Not long term residents, maybe seasonal workers or transients.

  3. I know I’m only a customer (which doesn’t mean much to most “customer” oriented businesses these days) but I couldn’t agree more with the article, especially after today when all the hot lunch/dinner, salads etc. have been taken out. Bully for you Wendy that you know the Scolari’s perhaps you could tell them this……I know, personally, at least 15 families who quite shopping at Scolari’s when it changed to SnS; then add in my family and extended family it is 20. At our offices, and many others we know of, the hot lunch, fresh salad, etc. offered in the Hot/Cold cases was great, and a wonderful alternative to fast food. Now, as of today GONE! I was in line with at least 8 people (some VERY vocal about who is-literally-running the store;and from what appendage) who used to eat lunch there every weekday……not gonna happen anymore. I hope the demographic they are reaching out (and it is quite obvious the minute you step in the “new” store who that is)to can sustain them, but it won’t be from us.

  4. Joey and Jerry are punks. They will do anything for a cheap buck. Back in the old days, Joey used to require checkers to do him up to get forty hours, and John Sarlo and Marshall Crenshaw were his pimps. At least Joey is half human. Explains why he got busted at the superbowl over open cocaine use. Jerry is an evil faggot. I was a produce manager for these devils, and I had an old retired navy dude who worked on my days off. We had those stupid balloons, the mylar things, and they leaked, and Jerry would pick them up by the strings and drag them to the back room and berate me for not filling them with helium. “Duke” used to tell me that Jerry resembled Bozo the Clown when he did it, as Jerry apparently wore hand me downs from Joey. His suits never fit, the sleeves were always too small for his midget body. Vicious fornicators, both of them. Joey got busted in Denver, and the rumour was the both of them had to pay for a new fleet of police cars to flush the charges. Joey is merely stupid–Jerry is an evil bastard. Both of you know me if you’re reading this–piss on you inbred bastards. Check out the book I wrote about you and your chain:

    Sue me if you dare, it’s all true. Jerry, you are a midget, and…everyone at Sak N Save had the dubious pleasure of your wife’s company. Go ahead and sue me you insignificant pieces of white trash–I’ll own your company if you do.
    Derrick Rasmussen

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