The IHOP Memorial

The immediate shock of the IHOP shooting from last month is starting to wear off. The restaurant still hasn’t reopened yet, and I don’t know what their plans are for the future. The fence has come down, but the windows are still boarded up from the inside. Repair crews have been in to repair the damage done during the attack, so maybe the company is committed to reopening and is just waiting for an appropriate period of time to pass.

The community, though, has built this makeshift memorial in the parking lot, leaving behind flags, teddy bears, pinwheels, and handmade signs. It’s pretty moving to see it there, and I hope it can last for a while, and nobody decides to clean to clean it up as trash. That kind of thing has happened before, too many times.


  1. I can think of no better tribute to our lost guardsman,our fellow citizens, and to the community than an all day pancake-eating-a-thon. On the day that the IHOP reopens I would like to see a line all the way to Topsy Lane of people waiting the eat pancakes, omelets, eggs, and bacon. We cannot let maniacs ruin our way a living, we cannot be ruled by fear, we are the people of Carson City, and we will not be afraid.

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