Too Much Good Stuff

So, over the last year, do you know what’s happened? The Northern Nevada blogosphere (or the Sierr-o-sphere, as Yukon Sully so deftly coined it) has grown too big for me to keep track of. I mean, a year ago at this time, my blogroll on the side had maybe two links. Now it’s up to 54, and I’m sure there are more out there that I haven’t added or even found yet. It’s insane. It’s great, and it’s a boom that I hoped would come, but it’s still insane. I just can’t read that much.

Buit I guess that’s okay. I learned to let go a long time ago, and not have to compulsively read everything. But the problem is that there’s just so much good stuff, and so much new good stuff, that keeps coming out. I don’t want to let go. I guess I’ll have to load up my RSS reader and just try to keep up every day. If only someone else could do the work for me.

The Reno Gazette Journal has a daily blog round-up that’s supposed to find the best of the Reno blogs. The only thing is that about 80% of the links are to their own RGJ blogs. The rest of us get just one or two bones thrown at us every day. I can’t complain, though, since today was my turn again. I got linked to because of my Trader Joe’s post, and as of right now that’s been good for about 237 incoming visits. About half of today’s uniques! So thank you, mighty RGJ. Keep ’em coming. Just learn how to use permalinks.


  1. Things sure have gotten exciting. lists 74 blogs in Reno alone. BTW, I totally agree on the blog round up at the RGJ. 80% are always RGJ blogs.

  2. Well sure, it’s a no-brainer that we want people looking at our own RGJ blogs, but I try to point people to only our most compelling posts and I don’t have any ratio requirements of RGJ blogs to local blogs. It’s really just whatever strikes me that morning as interesting. Plus I don’t want it to be all about politics because that’s not my thing, really. You’ll notice the trend is that we have more RGJ blog links toward the end of the week because our bloggers have more time to post on Thursdays and Fridays.

    Anyway, I’m a fan. Keep up the great posts and email me tips on great blog posts. Will do on the permalinks. Honestly, I thought this round-up thing was going to go for about a week, so I didn’t bother. Now that it’s being read, I’ll do it all proper-like. (Sorry, my bad Southernisms come out at the worst times).

    James Ball

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