Genoa Candy Dance Traffic

The Genoa Candy Dance is taking place this weekend, and instead of slow attendance due to a lagging economy, like they were expecting, instead they’re having one of their best years ever.

Now when thousands of people descend on a town as small as Genoa, there are sure to be logjams all over the valley as people try to get their cars and their bodies into what is a very tiny town. Genoa Lane is the approved route to enter the town, but this weekend that intersection is heavily controlled, as you can see above. Hwy 395 southbound is down to one lane, and left turns from northbound 395 are prohibited.

But the hassle getting into town is nothing compared to the late afternoon, when everyone decides to leave and go home all at once. Traffic last night was backed up from the Clear Creek light way back up to Jacks Valley and beyond. My suggestion would be to stay away from Hwy 395 this evening if you can.

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