Appion Way Extension

It’s tough to get pictures, because there’s no good place to stop along South Carson Street. But work has been steadily progressing on the Appion Way extension that I wrote about last month. This is the new turn lane into the Carson-Tahoe Quail shopping center. Crews have been out installing storm drains and other apparatus to improve drainage, and the curb for the new right-turn lane has also been poured. Looks like paving can’t be too far away. Overland St, at the north edge of the center, has also been intermittently closed as they work on this project, with traffic rerouted either to Clearview or through the Save Mart parking lot.

Of course the Carson-Tahoe Quail park still only has one tenant, a dialysis center, and I don’t see any signs that more tenants are moving in soon. So this is a good time to work on the streets surrounding it, because there is no traffic. But it also makes the work seem kind of pointless, if there will be nobody to drive on the new street when it’s finished. The last thing Carson City needs is another empty shopping center, but it looks like Ribeiro hit the worst possible timing with this one.

And speaking of slowdowns, work on the Riverwood shopping center up the hill stopped a few weeks ago too. They were trucking along great, but then they parked the bulldozers and went home. The devloper claimed it was because they needed to “re-negotiate utility contracts.” But that was six weeks ago. Hopefully this is a temporary setback, and not a full-scale delay or cancellation of the project, because then we’d be left with an ugly scar on the hill and nothing to show for it.


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