Mr. Pickle's Back In Action

Came across the photo of Mr. Pickles Abandoned from December 2007.

I would like to tell all of you they did not abandon the store, the franchisees were “terminated”.
Previous owners decided to strip the store and move on rather that work things out. Well they got
what they got….
Mr. Pickle’s is back in action and doing great. Reopened March 12, 2008. Owned by franchisors Jim and Sue Riordan (whose Sparks location recently awarded Reno Magazine “Best of Reno 2008”.
Jim and I regret what went on in Carson City.
We thank Carson for your patience while we have reorganized and rebuilt store. Mr. Pickle’s is great quality food, served from a clean store by people who care.
Come and give us another try!!

3250 Retail Drive, #100
Carson City, NV 89706
775-883-2888 /

or Follow the Dancing Pickle!


  1. Good luck with Mr. Pickles in Carson!!
    Remember Schlotzsky’s? Suddenly their stores all disappeared a few
    years ago…These sandwich shops all remind me a bit of Hershel’s,
    which was a great sandwich shop franchise in So California in the 1980’s that went belly up…Some local Schlotzky’s have been reborn as Starbucks…
    Whatever people think of Starbuck’s, they sure have a solid plan to
    reopen other’s companies closed shops as their own-and do
    it very, very quickly…Maybe they could help the Ormsby House
    people get their place reopened…
    Jimmy John’s? a decent sandwich, but as I believe, for $9.00
    or 10.00, you better get a decent sandwich…

  2. Nice that not only the store has closed but the franchisors have sold both of their stores and have moved on. This is a clasic case of mis management, misrepresentation and total disreguard for any business sence what so ever. These people had no business plan and no business sence. When we tried to help them they shut us out and obviously failed on their own. Don’t find yourself in a pickle with the owners

    Previous Owner
    Carson City Store
    Loren Beccard

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