Reasoned Debate? Keep Looking

The Nevada Appeal published two articles this week, both on the front page, about the new smoking ban that was passed on Tuesday. Each article has gotten nearly 100 comments, but if you go there looking for reasoned debate you’re going to be a little disappointed. Here’s a choice sampling of comments from our fellow citizens.

I am going to start smoking again and blow smoke towards EVERY cigarette Nazi that I can find!

And I’ll be sure to spit right back into your face to compliment your gesture.

Well, then I guess I’ll have to crap in your mouth to “compliment” your “gesture”…
The LIB-O-NAZI has spoken!
If you kill a smoker is that considered murder or assisted suicide?
That’s funny! I am a biker and don’t refer to myself as a “motorcyclist”. THAT is just plain GAY!

You better face up to the facts- nothing can be as a gay as a biker.They wear tassle adorned leather clothing and ride on top of shaking old harley best decribed as a rolling anal vibrator.

All bikers are gay.

So, I take it you “bike”?

You take it, eh? Whatever floats your big gay boat.
“Yes my boobs are real too.”

Prove it!

send me your phone number darlin’!!!

Can you send me a pic at
It was just a guess. How did she get herpes? Your mom? From you? I thought you were gay?
The new Marlboro Country is around back by the dumpster. Get used to it. Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha.. Wait for it.. Ha Ha. One more. Ha. Oh that feels good!!!!!!!!
This is fantastic….Now I can sit at Bully’s and get drunk, drive home under the influence to have unprotected sex with the beotch I just picked up at the bar and not worry about some jackblowing smoke in my face.
How do you say “hermaphrodite” in German?

Do I really want any of these people commenting on my site? Maybe it’s better that my traffic is low.


  1. I love Nevada, and one of the reasons I do, is because it wasn’t a “Nanny” state like California. Now, sadly enough it is going that way too. Yes, I smoke, and when I’m in Nevada in a restaurant, I sit in the smoking section, so my smoke is away from the non-smokers. Why a total ban now? Will it hurt Nevada? Most likely. Will it affect where I do business? Yes. Will the non-smokers care? No. Will the business owners care? Yes. What’s next? What other freedom as an American will they take away next?

  2. There’s a total ban because the voters wanted it. The only “they” here is your fellow citizens. They were even given a choice between two, and picked the stronger one. Maybe you could argue that it never should have made the ballot in the first place, but neither should the gay marriage ban. And look how strong support for that was. Nevada voters have a long history of restricting freedom; this isn’t the first time.

  3. Nevada, restrict freedoms? I never would have thought it possible. It just goes to show you how ignorant about Nevada I really am. I had always thought it was a Red state.

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