Hollywood Video Closing

I guess this was inevitable – one of the Hollywood Video locations in Carson City will be closing in a couple of months. The trigger for this is Hollywood Video declaring bankruptcy – again – and not seeing a need for two stores in Carson anymore. It’s the same thing Blockbuster VideoMedia did a couple of years ago when it closed its North Carson location to focus on the Hwy 50 store. With Hollywood Video, it is the Hwy 50 store, at Stewart, that will be closing, leaving the South Carson location by Save Mart as the only one in Carson.

Dave Morgan says “The internet strikes again,” and that’s largely true. The decline of local video stores is mostly due to the rise of Netflix, which gives you unlimited rentals without having to leave your house, and RedBox, which puts cheap as dirt rentals in the stores you already shop at.


  1. i agree redbox is so much better but most of the time the movies that are new are not in and u drive all over town wasting gas

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