Advice For Transplants

Pulled from the comments: a future Carson resident asks for advice.

I’m so glad that my wife and I stumbled onto this site. We hope to move to Carson City in December of this year, that’s if I find a decent paying job. Does anyone have any suggestions on how to do that? My dad and sister live there and he wants me to move closer so we can go fishing. I’m in telecommunications and am also in the market of a 2 BR home in the valley.
Thanks, David in South Carolina
theasbills -at-

Anyone have tips for somebody moving to the area?


  1. Set your watch back 20 years. 🙂

    But seriously, I’ve lived here two+ decades and will probably be here for the rest of my days, so here’s some thoughts:

    – Learn to pronounce the state name as quickly as possible. Saying it right with a southern accent will get you big-time brownie points.

    – Coming from a wet climate, you’ll probably be surprised how quickly your skin dries out. When you go back to the humidity, even for a short visit, you’ll wonder how you lived in it for so long.

    – You’ll know you’re becoming a Nevadan when you cuss out every Californian who cuts you off, yet you’ll ignore the Silver Staters who do the same.

    – The fast food restaurants have more business on Sundays than the churches.

    – Along those lines, the big news in this town is the opening a new fast food joint and the loudest debate is tearing down the old churches (or turning them into theaters).

    – The Hispanic population is the fastest growing segment in this town (in America, too, actually). Embrace it fully and without hesitation. They’re beautiful people with a awesome culture. (And to the folks with closed minds: 80+% are legal, which is probably more that your great-great grandparents, so get over it).

    – Every two years, Carson is invaded by a swarm of politicians, mostly from Las Vegas. Ignore their disdainful glances and muttered complaints about this “backwards” town. They spend a lot of money when they’re here, which covers a lot of sins and bad manners.

    – Another part of the acclimation process is the learned belief that Las Vegas is not a real Nevada town, but since they provide 90% of the state taxes, we let them stay.

    By the by, whether you realize it or not, you’ve seen this part of the country since you were a little kid. Remember Bonanza? The Cartwrights visited Virginia City all the time, and it’s just up the road. You know most of it was Hollywood, right? No? I’m sorry to tell you then there ain’t a flat street to be found in that town.

    There’s more (don’t get me started on the OH and the freeway), but this will get you pointed in the right direction. Welcome!

  2. Telecommunications? Check out Nevada Bell in Carson/Reno, Verizon in Minden, and Charter Communications (in all local cities). Good luck!

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