Curry Street Construction

All summer we’ve been watching the construction happening on Curry Street, putting in new sidewalks and repaving the street. At times we doubted that it would all be done and paved by Nevada Day. But now that there’s only one week left before the big day, everything does seem to be coming together. It looks like we’re at the point where all the concrete is done and all they have left to do is lay down asphalt. Let’s take a look.

All the sidewalks and curbs have been poured. The bricks have been laid at all the corners. Planters have been filled with dirt. Gravel has been laid along the roadway and leveled and compacted. There’s really nothing else to do but the road surface itself.

They are not only paving Curry Street, they are paving most of the side streets too. Musser, Proctor, Telegraph, Spear and Robinson are all being repaved between Carson and Curry so that there are no spots of old asphalt

Curry Street has been completely closed during this work.

The new planters in Telegraph Square are all finished also. The bricks are laid down and in some places it looks like the asphalt will be laid down right up to the bricks.

Also the fences around the new building along Telegraph Street are down, and this sidewalk is finally open too.

The new street is going to have parking on both sides. It looks like angle-in parking on the right, and parallel parking on the left.

We should see the paving machines come in early this week, and then it will all be finished by next weekend! The ribbon cutting ceremony is supposed to be Friday at 10:30am, the day before the Nevada Day parade.

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