Best Bloggers?

The Good, the Bad, the Spin has a few good words to say about Around Carson today. it was prompted by the Reno News and Review’s “Best Blogger” survey (scroll down halfway), of which none of the top winners were on his list of favorites. So he wrote his own “Best Of” list, and Around Carson is the first one on the list. Must be alphabetical.

RNR’s List:

Myrna the Minx
Zeke Says So
Downtown Makeover

Bob’s List:

Around Carson
Inside Nevada Polics
Mostly Dogs
Bike Carson
Dullard Mush

For what it’s worth, I guess my favorites could be considered all the ones that I currently subscribe to in Google Reader. Which is nearly all of these listed, including Bob’s.


  1. Completely agree with Bob’s comments about AroundCarson — as well as the comment Jerz left on Bob’s blog. This blog is a gem. Plus, I never get bombarded with rants/raves about the national political scene. How refreshing!

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