Founders of Carson City Presentation

Carson City forefather Abe Curry is credited with much of the creation and promotion of Nevada’s state capital. However, there were many other principal players in the drama and intrigue surrounding the founding of Carson City and the establishing of the Nevada Territory. State Archivist Guy Rocha will explore those roles during his presentation “The Forgotten Paternity of Carson City: An Interesting Look at the Founders of Carson City” on Tuesday, February 26 at 7:30 p.m. at the Nevada State Museum.

“Abe Curry’s vision of Carson City as a dynamic commercial and political center required that he influence politicians and business interests to share in his lofty aspirations,” said Rocha. “While Curry played an instrumental role in Carson City’s history he did not act alone.”

According to Rocha there were four founders present at the birth of Carson City. “The other three, Benjamin Franklin Green, John Jacob Musser, and Francis Marion Proctor, are all but forgotten today despite their contributions to the development of Carson City and Nevada in its earliest years.”

Rocha’s presentation will explore the contribution of all four men in the growth and development of early Carson City. The program is part of the museum’s monthly Frances Humphrey Lecture series. Free for members and kids under 18, $5 for adults, $3 for seniors. Ca;; 775-687-4810 for details.


  1. This lecture will be the official unveiling of the CC Sesquicentennial logo.
    Carson Cable Access TV will film it for posterity.
    It will be a packed house, so come early.

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