New Online High School Coming to NV

Nevada’s Newest High School Allows Students to Go to School Online, Tuition-Free

High-Touch Environment Supports and Guides Students on Path to Success

May 13, 2008 ? Insight School of Nevada has received authorization by the Nevada State Board of Education and is now accepting applications for Fall Semester 2008. Insight School of Nevada is a tuition-free, diploma-granting, online public high school opening its virtual doors to students throughout the state. It will offer a unique approach to online learning that encompasses high levels of personal attention and student support, flexibility, curriculum scope, academic quality and parental involvement.

Information sessions about Insight School of Nevada are planned for May 20-31, 2008, at 13 locations throughout the state to provide valuable information on the key benefits of attending an online high school for families and students who are not finding a productive fit with their local “bricks and mortar” public high school environment. The sessions will include an online demonstration of a typical classroom session, a review of the robust Insight Schools curriculum, a question and answer period, and application materials.

Insight Schools Inc. is the nation’s largest network of tuition-free, diploma-granting, online public high schools. The new Insight School of Nevada joins the nationwide network of other Insight Schools in California, Colorado, Idaho, Kansas, Minnesota, Oregon, South Carolina, Washington and Wisconsin.

“One of our highest priorities is to ensure an unmatched level of personalization and individual support for our students to help them reach their full potential,” said Keith Oelrich, founder and CEO of Insight Schools Inc. “We also welcome parents into the process of guiding their student’s educational goals and progress to create community between families and the school. We offer a safe, academically rigorous, virtual education taught by highly qualified, Nevada credentialed teachers. Students who are self-motivated and enjoy working independently flourish in our environment.”

Nevada public schools face a number of challenges that an online option can help address. Dropout rates are a major concern throughout the nation, and in Nevada the overall graduation rate remains among the lowest in the country according to a recent report developed by WestEd in collaboration with the Center for Education Policy Studies at the University of Nevada. Many students drop out of school due to lack of challenge, pursuit of a career in athletics or the arts, work demands, illness or family obligations.

Insight School of Nevada offers a powerful approach for accommodating a range of personal situations and goals for students who may be unhappy with conditions and opportunities at their local high school; live in a rural or remote area; must work or have child/family care responsibilities; are pursuing their dreams in sports, entertainment, modeling, dancing or other careers; do not function well in large classroom settings; do not connect well socially at school; are challenged with health or physical issues; reach their creative peak in the evening and find it difficult to attend school in the early morning; need more challenging coursework to progress at an accelerated pace; or are home-schooled and seeking subject matter help from a certified teacher.


Nevada’s Newest High School Allows Students to Go to School Online, Tuition-Free

Insight School of Nevada students will be able to complete their studies in their own setting at their own speed. Experienced faculty and Insight “iMentors” will work closely to tailor a top-quality academic program to each student’s personal learning styles and situation. The school’s sophisticated, yet user-friendly, Student Information System will provide real-time, online visibility into grades, attendance, teacher comments, student-teacher interaction and parent-teacher interaction.

Curriculum offerings will include more than 120 Foundation, Career Prep, College Prep, Honors and Advanced Placement courses as well as dual high school and college credit for courses taken via the Pathways program of Axia College, University of Phoenix. Student forums, clubs, online activities, events, field trips and community service provide a means for active social interaction. In addition to being tuition-free, the school will provide students with a wireless laptop computer, a printer/scanner, reimbursement for Internet access and materials for required courses.

“I love Insight School,” said Harini Kompella, a graduating senior at Insight School of California ? Los Angeles. “I’ve been accepted at several great universities including UCLA, UC Davis, UC San Diego and California State University at Northridge. “I like how our course schedule is structured, so I can be flexible with when I do my homework. It has allowed me to take more responsibility for my lifestyle, and I’ve been able to volunteer in my community during the day. This learning environment has truly helped me in achieving my aspirations.”

For more information on Insight School of Nevada, visit or call 800-208-1931.

Carson City
Thurs., 5/22, 6:00-8:00PM
Plaza Hotel
801 South Carson Street

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