McDonald’s Demolition

They didn’t waste very much time getting the McDonald’s demolition started. They brought in a crew of guys and some heavy equipment and made short work of the 40-year-old building.

Here we grow again!

The building is gone but there is still plenty of trash and debris to haul away to give the construction crew an empty lot to work with.

This McDonald’s also had a basement. Now it’s an open pit that has to be filled in.

I’m sure they’re serious about getting this job done quickly. The Nevada Appeal says the new restaurant will be opening this summer.


  1. This “restaurant” was a 100% dump..a disgrace..let’s be honest..It looked old and grimy when we arrived in Carson in 1990..It was rarely clean, and rarely opened on time at 5:00 am..let’s hope all the local McDonald’s take being clean and bright more seriously in the future…

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