Pizza Factory South is Open

With all the news about businesses closing it’s good to report on ones opening. Even though this one represents a closure, and an opening. The Pizza Factory has opened in south Carson, on Clearview right across from where the new Big Lots is going in. This spot used to have a Straw Hat pizza, now it’s Pizza Factory. So I guess it’s a zero sum game for pizza in Carson City, and it’s either a win or a lose depending on which place you like better.


  1. Keep in mind that Straw Hat merely moved to the old Scolaris center. They didn’t close. This Pizza Factory was in Yerington, but moved up here. So I guess we’re plus one in the “barely adequate pizza” department.

  2. And Straw Hat was able to move to the Scolari’s center because Round Table had moved out…seems like we’re just playing musical pizza joints. I usually get my pizza from Costco anyway.

  3. What’s going on in Carson City? There have been no posts for 15 days now! I guess I just finally added Around Carson to my feed reader right as the posts stopped… figures.

    Anyway, in all seriousness, keep up the good work! My family is relocating to CC in June, so I like to know what’s happening up there.

  4. It’s just a slump. It happens every now and then. There hasn’t been anything that excited me enough lately to write about. Keep up with my Twitter account, though. I usually post short stuff there even when I’m not writing here.

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