Minden Post Office Site Chosen

The USPS has been scouring Minden looking for a place to build a new post office, and they think they’ve found one. From a list of four sites, they picked one at the corner of Ironwood and Monte Vista. You may be saying “Whaaaa? Where?”, and you wouldn’t be alone. This is a weird choice, at least right now, because at the moment this site is out in the middle of nowhere. But they must be looking towards the future, and looking at the promises that have been given by developers about that neighborhood, and decided that the population center of Minden will be shifting even more towards the spot as the years go by.

If you’re not familiar with the corner of Ironwood and Monte Vista, first check out this map.

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Monte Vista is the north-south road in the center of that satellite picture. It’s unmarked, because the street is so new that Google hasn’t added it to their maps yet. But this photo does accurately show how empty this part of town is. Ironwood Drive was plowed through the middle of a cow field some years ago, and stubby little intersections were added for future streets to hook up to. So far, only Monte Vista has been built, crossing through Martin Slough. If you follow Monte Vista further to the north, you’ll come across the new La Costa subdivision (home to asynconhome.info), and beyond that it connects to the just-opened Muller Parkway.

This is a popular corner. Already the Wild Goose Villa has been proposed for this same intersection. It would slide into that green patch to the east of Monte Vista. Other developments have been kicked around for the rest of the empty land you see here, and the whole place is zoned friendly to retail and residential. So it’s clear that the Post Office sees this as the new hip part of town, and they want to get in on it now while the prices are still low and before it gets built up too much.

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  1. I was by that area today, going to the old Sierra Nevada Trading Company, and saw the sticks and flags on the proposed post office property. I was wondering what was going on, but now I know.

    What concerns me is the size of the streets, particularly Monte Vista. I wonder if they’re big enough to handle the traffic or if it’s going to cause one big traffic congestion problem in the surrounding area.

    The other guys site menti9oned in the blog – http://www.asynconhome.info – about the Syncon houses in the area, has also had quite a few updates. It looks different than when it was first mentioned on aroundcarson.com. He has put on a bunch of pages and has added some videos on it. One of his pages is beginning to talk about some grassroots organizing activity. I wonder if his cause is starting to expand beyond his complaint with Syncon or if he’s received some positive input from the community.

    In all it appears times are changing.

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