Downtown Answers

I found the site, which is more talk about what to do with downtown Carson City after the freeway is built and all the traffic dries up. The site is a product of the Carson City Office of Business Development. There is a lot on the site about the plans to beautify Carson Street and get new mixed-use developments downtown. But there’s also a section on the plan to convert the Federal Building (the old post office) into the city library. The same Federal Building that the government has already said is absolutely not for sale, so I thought this library plan was dead in the water. It’s interesting to see them talking about it like it still has some life.

Downtown Carson City Consortium

There is also a meeting coming up, put on by the Redevelopment Authority Citizen Committee. They want to you be part of the Downtown Carson City Consortium, and they’re having a meeting on February 26th (next Tuesday) at 5:30 p.m., at the Brewery Arts Center.


  1. Reno has been planning to acquire their post office and turn it into something nice for 25 years now. They may actually be able to start moving on that this year. Things don’t stay the same forever, so it’s not a bad thing to plan for the future. I hope CC gets to eventually accomplish their objective on this project, putting the library downtown would be a great move.

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