Ormsby House Renovation Photos – January, 2005

Don’t get comfortable – this is going to be a quick one. 2005 opened up with a pair of back-to-back snowstorms, dumping over a foot of snow on the Ormsby House. Consequently, the crew decided this would be a good time to get some interior work done, so there wasn’t any visible progress on the Ormsby House this month. Let’s take a look at what raged outside while the old building stood silent.

A week into the new year, we were hit with another big snowstorm, adding several inches on top of the foot we already had.

I don’t think anyone was working this day.

After the storms stopped, the snow stayed behind. So workers used plastic tarps to seal the second floor so they could get some interior work done.

All the second-story windows were sealed off. The plaster work on the outside will have to wait until things warm up a little.

In the middle of the month we were hit with several days of fog, sometimes thick enough to engulf the upper floors in the swirling mists.

From a block away, the Ormsby House begins to disappear.

The scaffolding on the bridge sits, unused, waiting for less icy conditions.

In the back, the snowplows built a huge wall of snow against the Curry Street barricade. This is a shady spot, so it’s going to take weeks for this pile to fully melt.

At the end of the month we were met with blue skies and cold air, with the last of the snow still lurking in the shadows. Next month, if the snow melts, we might see more progress on the outside walls. Until then, I’m going to be enjoying the snow!

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