Carson Valley DMV Moving

This weekend, the DMV in Minden is going to be packing up and moving into Gardnerville. They’ve been at the same location, on County Road right next to the library, for over 20 years. But they’ve outgrown that space and they’re looking to move up in the world, so they have a new space being prepped for them at the Waterloo Center, across the street from Raley’s in Gardnerville. This is the brand-new shopping center that is still in the process of being built next door to the Gardnerville Walgreens. I didn’t think that center was ready to move into yet, but I guess they work fast. The DMV will close Thursday afternoon and stay closed Friday, and use the three-day weekend to move all their equipment into the new office. Then Monday morning they should be able to hit the ground running.

So what’s to be done with the old building? That was a topic of some debate last year, after the DMV announced they would be looking for a new space. The county wanted to buy it, without any firm plan of what they would do with it, but they wanted to swoop in and get it while it was available. Some said that the purchase price of $800,000 was too high for the county to afford, especially for a building there were no immediate plans for. But the last I heard, the purchase was approved by the County Commission. That was in December, and I haven’t heard anything new since, so I guess that’s still the plan.

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