Nevada Senate 2010

Nevada senate 2010- Chad Christensen- a true conservative-Dump Reid! Taking America back. Vote Chad Christensen Senate 2010 Nevada!

I had the privilege of meeting Chad Christensen and his family in Reno recently. I was skeptical, as I am with all who are running for any seat within the government. As we should all be. I, currently living in Nevada, am especially concerned for the Nevada Senate seats. The Nevada Senate seat is extremely important, specifically the one Harry Reid is currently holding and we need to get him out! Every direction our country takes is going to depend on who America is voting for to fill those seats. Most of the Country is sick and tired of Harry Reid and his lying, backwards thinking and Nevada should be too!

Reid does not even like the American people why would he represent you and your values and your beliefs? There is an deeper agenda there. I don’t know what it is and I realize Harry is just a piece of the puzzle, but I do know I don’t want to find out! Do your homework! Check out all the candidates. Make sure your look at Chad Christensen and his position on illegal immigration, health care, the Second Amendment and our wonderful Country!

Dump Reid! Visit Nevada Senate 2010 find out how to dump Harry Reid!

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Diana Caswell-Herbalife Independent Distributor


  1. It is not often that a poster on this site manages to introduce both politics and self-advertisement as a commercial vender. Perhaps the herb went to her head.

  2. In reality it was a way to let you know that I am not affiliated with Chad, in this particular post and that I really just liked what he had to say. I may in the future post about health and would probably include a link there too sorry if that offends you…somehow…? and I was pretty excited about this site and some of the people on it but hey thanks for making my day eh.Nothing like a positive person slamming you first thing. No worries Ill get over it

  3. Amazing, as a Republican, thou I may not like all of Reids actions, sending in anyone else in a freshman Senator is sure way of crapping all over the citizens of Nevada. There will never be another time in your lifetime to have someone who can bring the $$ back to the state now under these horrendous economic downturn, but you want to hold the party line w/o examining the facts. Frankly, that is self serving platform that the State or Country does not need right now.

  4. It’s not the party line my friend, it’s that I have no confidence in Harry Reid or his interest in Nevada and especially in America. The country is so segregated by party that If I am anything it is anti-party. I am sick of no one using common sense anymore and justifying anything and everything their party has or is doing. It should be about America and the good of the state and Country period.

    Chad is a man that at this point I believe has the potential to make a real positive difference for our State and our Country. I agree with his stand on the issues. I put this out there because of this and so that others could check him out and make their own decisions. As you have stated you support Reid and thats fine, especially now since you have been exposed to another candidate which will hopefully allow you to vote more confidently whatever you decide.Things change, I don’t know exactly where I’ll be in Nov but I know where I am right now. Here’s to you Chad 🙂 Go get em!

  5. Was this written by a third-grader? I don’t like Reid either, but please get an education Diana Caswell! It’s embarrassing that an adult could have such sub-par writing skills. If you have children, please send them away to an educated adult immediately.

  6. I think the only candidates worth voting for are the independents like Michael Haines & Jeffrey Reeves. I’ve already decided to support Jeffrey Reeves instead of Reid or Angle.

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