Then And Now

For those of you who don’t keep an eye on the “Site Updates” section in the right sidebar, I added two more Then and Now articles to the site.

#15 is Minden’s Railroad Avenue sometime before 1916, and #16 is the Ormsby County Poor Farm, where Fuji Park sits today.

I haven’t been doing these Then and Now articles as often as I hoped I would. It’s easy to take the pictures, but I always get bogged down writing the articles. I have this obsessive need to research and research and pack the article full of as much stuff as I can find about the subject of the picture. Which is great, and makes the kind of article that I enjoy reading, and gets more of Nevada’ history online where it can be easily found. But it takes a lot of time. I’ve got to start doing some quick and dirty articles, where it doesn’t take me half the day to put everything together.

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