Flood in Reno

A couple of days ago I said I wanted to see first-hand reports of the flooding that happened last weekend. Well, I was looking through my favorite Northern Nevada blog, The Adventures of Yukon Sully, and I found not just one but two photo essays on his experience. And since he lives in downtown Reno, right where the Truckee River flowed over its banks and started flooding streets, he’s got some pretty good first-hand stories. He was out on Saturday flinging sandbags around, but he still managed to snap a few good pictures from the street and from the balcony of his apartment. Go check it out.

The Reno Gazette Journal also had a cover story yesterday, comparing this latest flood to the one we had in 1997. The verdict? Less water, but still a flood to remember. Also be sure to check out their photo galleries of the flood, as well as a gallery of photos from 1997.

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