Newly-Discovered Blogger

I found a new Carson City-based blogger, Nevada Wolf. She has three blogs I found, Desert Geocaching, One thousand footsteps, and Nevada Wolf’s 12 of 12. There’s also a website about rural Nevada, with sections on prehistoric rock art and Nevada historical markers.


  1. Thanks for the blog on Geocaching. I’ve been interested in it for a while. Looks like I have to go out and buy a GPS unit since the weather is getting better!

  2. Hi!!

    Wow, I love this website, every time I come here I always find a little niche that I didn’t know about before. Today, I discover I’m mentioned! Cool!! ((Been mostly here to view the Historic Photos as I’ve lived in the city since the 80’s – as long as the Cracker Box has been open!))

    Thanks for the posting about my blogs and my website. I realized I’ve been terribly negligent about updating those. I must get on that…

    I’d love to answer any questions on geocaching – shoot me an email if I can help in any way: NevadaWolf at phantoms “hyphen” lair dot com

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