Getting Nasty In Here

I guess the party couldn’t last forever. A year ago I was thrilled to see that enough blogs were being started in the Reno/Carson area that we were starting to get a little ecosystem going. Time passes, and now things have grown to the point where the Reno blogosphere is eating itself. Some of the big players are starting to go after each other, and it isn’t pretty. And it’s all happening after the election. Who saw that coming? It all started when a lot of the local Reno bloggers got some attention in print last week. The Reno News and Review wrote a large story on some of the local bloggers. I wasn’t included probably because I’m in Carson City, and Carson City isn’t on their radar. That’s okay; I’ve already had my fifteen kilobytes of fame. And besides, staying out of the article also keeps me out of the mess that followed.

What happened was that Myrna the Minx, heavyweight of the Reno blogging scene, took issue with some of the things said by Mr Jerz, another heavyweight, in the article. I’m not even going to go into what the issue was. I don’t have that much time, and even thinking about it all makes me drowsy. You can read what she wrote here. Mr Jerz wasn’t too happy about what was said, and fought back, both in the comments and on his own site. Then another blogger chimed in, on Myrna’s side, and the battle moved over to her comments. All together it’s the kind of personal stuff that has been happening in the rest of the blogosphere for years now, and I guess the fact that it’s happening in Reno now is both a bad sign, because who wants to be involved in or even read that kind of stuff, but also a good sign, because it means the people writing these blogs in Reno are passionate and serious about it. So it’s not that I’m rooting for more fights, but the facts that fights are happening means that Reno has really arrived on the scene. We’re all grown up now.

Luckily I can stay removed because I am down here in Carson. All I can see is the smoke and flames coming over the mountain. It’s like seeing a car accident happen in your rear-view mirror. A completely different feeling than seeing it right in front of you.

Anyway, the best thing about this whole incident is that I found a new blog for the blogroll, Thoughts, Raves & Outright Beatings, Keep ’em coming!!!


  1. Hi!

    Thanks for the blogroll add!

    I wasn’t the only blogger to chime in on that discussion from Saturday night. I’m just surprised at all the attention it generated on my end.

    It was a nice little “coming out” party, so to speak. I had no idea some of these people had all this negative history with each other. I’d like to say I’m shocked. Sadly, I can’t.

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