Proof Your Ads

Rule #3: Proof your ads.

When you are working on an an ad campaign to advertise your new business, and you are looking over the ads that are going to run in coupon books, like the one distributed at Costco, you might want to proofread everything in the ad. You know, make sure the phone number and address don’t have any typos, the website is right, little things like that, and oh yeah, that they get the name of the business right.

I have no idea what the process is to get an ad into the Costco Spring Value Book, but I can only imagine several people had to drop the ball for the just-opened Paradise Cove Cafe to be renamed Paradise Grove.


  1. If the deal for that ad was done over the telephone, I can imagine it would be quite easy to mishear the name of the business.

    I saw a big sign for a housing project in Reno last weekend advertising “1, 2 & 2 bedroom townhomes!” That one defies logic.

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