South Carson Burger King Closed

A couple of weeks ago I noticed workmen at the Burger King on South Carson, removing fixtures and taking down the signs. I thought it must be the beginnings of a remodel job, just like the North Carson BK had just gone through. But after a couple of weeks with no more progress, I began to get suspicious. That’s when I detoured to take a close look at the signs that were taped on the doors, and found out the real reason:

This location is closed
Please visit our north Carson store
located at
3589 North Carson Street

So that’s it. This Burger King has been open at least since the 1980s, maybe even before that. And now it’s closed.

A search of the Nevada Appeal archives finds an article on the closure from December 9th, almost a month ago. Somehow I passed that one by; strange how some articles miss my eye completely, while it seems like I slog through hundreds of sports articles every day.

The article says their lease was up on the building so they moved out, and they’re looking for a location further south. Makes sense, I guess, since the Carson Mall area isn’t really a hot spot anymore, despite the best efforts of the Carringtons. There was a good little cluster of fast food right there, though, with Arby’s, Burger King, Long John Silver and Carl’s Jr all together. Long John Silver’s gave up on that location some time ago, so I guess Burger King decided to follow.

Now we just need to watch and see if they can find a location in south Carson to build a new Burger King. Things are getting pretty crowded down that way too, and it might be hard to find a perfect location for them to move into. Unless the long-stalled Riverwood shopping center finally gets built.


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