Ormsby House Renovation Photos – January, 2004

After the Ormsby House cast off its skin, it slumbered. December was a flurry of activity, and then in January the place was nearly abandoned. Only a couple of things of note happened this month. For one, they removed the interior walls from the second floor. Now you can see all the way through the old ballroom space, and catch a glimpse of daylight relecting off the mirrored wall at the grand staircase.

In the closeup you can see the skeleton of the second floor.

The other thing they did was haul a steel frame up to the roof. It rises above the false gable, possibly as a foundation for a new sign?

There is a matching frame at the other end of the building. But at the other side, the gable has been stripped down to nothing, making just one big steel frame. Here’s a closeup of the south side.

And that’s it for January. More in February? Hmmmm.

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