Two Mayors and a Pig

Mayor Marv left office yesterday and a new mayor of Carson City, Bob Crowell, was sworn in. Marv served three terms as mayor. He started in 1988, then re-elected in 1992. In 1996 Mayor Ray took office for two terms, then Marv was back in 2004. So the same two guys have been handing the mayor’s office back and forth for 20 years, and this is the first time Carson has had somebody new in the job since 1996.

Mayor Marv’s last official act as mayor was granting a pardon to the new guy’s pig. Last year it came out that Bob Crowell was keeping a pet pig in his Carson City home, and that’s considered livestock, which is against city code. So the pig had to be removed from his home and go to a rescue group. Yesterday Marv issued a proclamation letting Bob have his pig back, although everyone seems to agree that the mayor doesn’t have the power to do that.

So much ruckus. Just let the man have his pig!

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