Dayton Dredging Operation

I wonder if anyone has photos of the dredge that operated at Dayton in the early 1940s? It started on the East end of town and ended behind the old school on Shady Lane and Logan St. As I remember, it had a drag line that walked insead of being on tracks. The bucket was big enough to hold a pickup of that day. The mill was floating on a barge with a big hopper on one end. Also, concerning the old school. I’ve heard it was closed in 1958 because it didn’t have modern plumbing. I’m sure I remember indoor restrooms in the back room (even though the outdoor toilets were still there) in the 1940s. Maybe someone that went to Dayton schools during this period can verify this for me.


  1. I am preparing a powerpoint presentation for my Mining history class on the Dragline Dredging that occurred in Dayton starting in 1941.The powerpoint will have numerous pictures of the Dredge that operated there. I am also interested on information in regards to the mills along the carson river. I am a Professor at Folsom Lake College & we plan a field trip to Virginia City in April 2009.

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