Carson River Cleanup Saturday

If you’re looking to get out and do something good for the community this weekend, you might want to sign up for the Carson River cleanup that will be taking place tomorrow. A group of volunteers will be heading down to the river to pick up and haul out whatever trash and debris they’re able to. Of course they wouldn’t have to do this if people would just stop dumping in the river in the first place, but the Carson River Canyon east of town seems to be a popular place to toss off whatever old junk you have lying around. Up to and including the family car.

If you want to be involved, call BLM at 885-6000 or Kiwanis Club at 885-7302 or at 882-3075. The cleanup job starts tomorrow at 8am.

Followup: The Nevada Appeal has a story about the cleanup, and how they pulled three dumpsters worth of trash out of the canyon, plus “a few couches and an old car.”

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