Downtown Minden Christmas Lights

Once again downtown Minden has been decorated for Christmas. The lights were switched on a couple of weeks ago, but it wasn’t until just this week that I got down there to see them. And to take pictures, of course.

2007-12-13 150
The CVIC Hall is always the centerpiece of Esmeralda Street, lit up from floor to ceiling.

2007-12-13 113
Inside the CVIC Hall they have this window display, of Santa taking a load off during his nightly rounds.

2007-12-13 147
The town “Christmas Tree” is actually the flagpole. But the gazebo is always done up nicely for the holidays.

2007-12-13 133
There are so many lights here the gazebo is actually off-limits, roped off so you don’t trip over the extension cords. This year it’s fixed up to look like a carousel, with light-up horses placed around the outside.

Pictures can never compare to actually getting out and seeing the real thing, so I suggest you do just that. Many of the houses around the square are decorated too. Add in dinner at Barone and Reed or Francisco’s, and you could make an evening of it.

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