Carson City Gateway Signs

It seems like forever that we’ve been hearing about the gateway signs that Carson City is going to be building. The signs are going to be on the major highways coming into town, and they’ll be standard “Welcome to Carson City” signs. I’ve seen a lot of proposed designs over the years, but they never actually built them. Until now.

Construction has finally started on the signs. They’re building at the south end of town, across the street from the Fuji Park fishing pond, and out Hwy 50 east at the top of the hill before it descends into the valley. They’re supposedly also building along 395 at the north of town; I haven’t been out that way to see it yet. There have been signs welcoming you into the Carson Valley for years now, so Carson City is a bit overdue. But this is a good idea. It’s better than the standard green highway sign every town has, and it’s a big step up over the old white metal signs that used to welcome you to Carson.


  1. A couple of suggestions by my son:
    “Carson City – Almost to California”
    “Welcome to Carson City – We think you made a wrong turn.”

    Funny kid. I personally think there are better things to have spent the money on right now. This could have been saved for when the local economy isn’t so horrible. Hopefully the workmen are new hires and that’ll alleviate the financial problems of a couple of families.

  2. I think a better location for the south sign would be north of the Hwy 50 intersection. That way people coming into town via Spooner would also see it, plus the background would be a bit “nicer” than the trash-strewn area they picked instead.

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