Nevada Appeal Going to Five Days a Week

You’d think this would be the kind of thing they would announce on their website, but instead this announcement can only be found buried on page 3 of today’s paper. It seems that today’s Nevada Appeal is going to be the last Monday edition for a while, as they’re shutting down their presses on Monday and Tuesday to cut costs. They promise their newsroom will still be keeping a seven-day schedule, and this will just mean increased online coverage on those two days.

The full text of the announcement follows:

Dear Reader:

The Nevada Appeal will be adjusting publication days. Beginning the week of May 4th, the Nevada Appeal will become a 5-day-per-week publication, printing Wednesday through Sunday.

While we did not anticipate announcing an additional change after our recent redesign, this decision is based on several new developments. First, economic conditions have resulted in the recent closure of several large retailers that previously supported the newspaper with advertising. Second, the decline in advertising support on Monday and Tuesday has caused us to publish very thin papers early week. This is not in line with our standards or your demands. By putting more resources into our Wednesday through Sunday newspapers, we’ll be able to provide more robust products in print and electronically.

Many newspapers throughout the country are making changes just like this to adjust to the times. As readership habits change, environmental concerns increase and our economy adjusts to a new reality, we must be flexible. In fact this is the very reason that after 144 years, the Nevada Appeal can claim itself as the oldest, continuously operating business in Carson City. Flexibility has always been a part of the Nevada Appeal’s success, as it’s had many different formats and publication days based on present demand. What has not and will not change is our commitment and passion for covering local news.

The Nevada Appeal news team will still function on a continuous news cycle. Each morning, as usual, the latest news will be available to you, albeit online on Mondays and Tuesdays. In print, we’ll be delivering more robust newspapers on the days we do publish, with more local news and information. This puts us in a better position to break news online and make better use of, which is a tremendous resource for our readers. Many of the features readers enjoy, such as crossword puzzles and horoscopes, will now be available online.

On Sundays, you’ll find a special “Early Week Extra” wrapping your inserted advertisements. Inside, you’ll see extra crossword puzzles, Sudoku, Dr. Gott, Annie’s Mailbox and our new favorite, Pickles comic strip. Printed on a heavier paper stock, you can save this piece and continue your morning habits on Monday and Tuesday.

We want you to be reassured that we value your business. Our goal is to provide you with meaningful, relevant local news and information. Although our costs have increased, we have not passed on any increase in subscription prices to our readers in more than three years. We will continue to keep the subscription rate the same. We encourage you to take advantage of our low EZ Pay rate, which is an automatic payment plan that will save you money each month. The current EZ Pay rate is $8.00 per month or just 32 cents per paper. Please feel free to contact our Circulation Department at 882-2111 if you would like to sign-up for EZ Pay or if you have any questions about your subscription. As always, please feel free to contact me or one of the Nevada Appeal managers listed below. We are available to answer your questions and concerns.

Niki Gladys
Publisher, Nevada Appeal

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