Minden Verandah Approved

The Record Courier reports on a new senior living community that has been approved for construction in Minden. It sounds like the new building will be located right at the corner of Hwy 395 and Hwy 88, so this will be a very visible project. This parcel of land was on tap several years ago for a big casino project, but that fell through. The new plan is to make this part of the Minden Medical Center complex, which is right next door. The Verandah facility will have 116 units, along with many on-site services like pool, spa, salon, dining room , and even a theater. It’s targeted at residents age 75 and over. The building is going to be pretty large, 150,000 square feet spread over three stories. And they got approval from the county Planning Commission for the height of the building to reach 45 feet, 10 feet higher than the normal limit. They say this will allow them to give the units higher ceilings to make them more attractive.

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